My experience: Treating Nail fungus with sodium bicarbonate & oregano oil

In this article I would like to report about how I have treated my nail fungus myself. For this I have used exclusively natural remedies and no chemicals.

But much more interesting is how I became aware of the nail fungus …

My experience with nail fungus

In my blog article “Deacidification of the body” I have already reported that I like to take extensive base baths. Well, one day I took a base bath of 1 1/2 h. When I had dried myself afterwards and was about to put on socks, I noticed something very disturbing. 2 toenails were in the process of loosening from the nail bed or were already as good as gone. Without pain, but no less terrifying for me. Had the physical decay begun? 🙂

The next day another toenail started to loosen, again without pain. I decided to go to the dermatologist and get this cleared up. 2 weeks later a dermatologist’s receptionist wanted to take a sample. When I told her that she could have a whole nail because I had taken an alkaline footbath, she surprised me. She said, “Perhaps you have discovered a good remedy for fungal nail fungus?”

The diagnosis came after a certain waiting period during which I continued to take footbaths.

Conventional medical treatment

The doctor prescribed the standards.

  • Loceryl Nail Polish
  • the systemically active antimycotic Terbinafine (tablets)

This conventional medical treatment should last for months. But I didn’t want that and stopped this treatment after 2 months. I was against poisoning my body for months because the side effects could be so severe that I had to come to the dermatologist regularly to have my blood drawn. There my liver and kidney values should be checked.

When I saw that healthy toenails were growing on the toes where I had lost them, I was pretty sure I could do it that way. My treatment approach with baking soda footbaths against my nail fungus was obviously not so bad.

Nail fungus footbath with baking soda

Nail fungus footbath with baking soda
Nail fungus footbath with baking soda

It was thanks to my “strong” sodium base baths that I noticed the nail fungus infestation in the first place. The receptionist indicated with her comment that I had perhaps discovered a probate remedy to fight fungus on nails. Well, why not? I have researched that nails are said to become detached through prolonged contact with water. Long is relative. If it should be harmful, why did the heavily affected toenails in particular loosen?

Effect of sodium bicarbonate against fungal attack

The effect against external fungal infections has already been proven: Antifungal Activity of Sodium Bicarbonate Against Fungal Agents Causing Superficial Infections (Letscher-Bru, V., Obszynski, C.M., Samsoen, M. et al. Mycopathologia (2013) 175: 153. doi:10.1007/s11046-012-9583-2)

In the study just mentioned, there is explicit mention of onychomycosis, i.e. nail mycosis.

Foot bath

I bathed my feet every evening for about 30 minutes in relatively hot water, which was saturated with a lot of bicarbonate of soda. Sure, after 30 minutes the water was cold!

A whole bucket of baking soda is cheaper than “Kaiser Natron” and just as effective (Amazon*).

Further basic natural remedies against nail fungus

Base stockings at night

I have bathed sneaker socks in strong soda water, wrung them out and put them on. Pull a thick pair of socks over it again, so you don’t mess up your bed, and then go to sleep. (More detailed here: deacidification of the body)

Basic socks

After normal washing, instead of hanging socks directly to dry, you can soak them in bicarbonate of soda, wring them out and then hang them out to dry. e.g. if you wear these socks in shoes when dry, even if you sweat, they create an alkaline environment that the nail fungus will detest. By the way, stinky feet are also a thing of the past.

Oregano oil

Tea tree oil has become known for its strong antibiotic effect. Tea tree oil, for example, is used to treat warts (see warts remover). 

Oregano is known to most people as pizza spice. Oregano is also a medicinal plant. The essence of oregano oil used to be called the “strong” antibiotic of the poor. If you want to learn more about the effects of oregano oil, you can read more about it here: effect of oregano oil

Both oregano oil and tea tree oil can irritate the skin. Therefore, they should only be applied in diluted form. However, one should also not dilute too much. Whoever tolerates it can also give the nail fungus the full (undiluted) broadside. A conceivable mixture for the very pungent oregano oil would be in a ratio of 1:10 or 1:5 with olive oil or even coconut oil. Coconut oil (Amazon*) is viscous at room temperature and should be briefly warmed in a water bath. Coconut oil is the better choice because it has an antibiotic effect by itself. Each person should try it out for himself, whether the mixture is too irritating or even causes allergic reactions. Directly on the nail, so if there is no skin nearby, these oils can also be applied undiluted. All the better they look. A combination of oregano and tea tree oil could also be very promising. But I haven’t tried it yet.

After the footbath, dry your feet properly and brush the areas affected by nail fungus or the entire nails with the mixture and allow to absorb.

Repeat the application as often as possible, not only after the footbath.

Naturopathy: Fight nail fungus from the inside

Nail fungus is contagious, but since it does not spread via the air and there is no droplet infection, there must be causes in the patient himself. On the one hand there is of course the hygiene and/or the continuous wearing of airtight shoes and thick socks. But on the other hand, there is an immune system that is too weak to fight off the pathogen.

In naturopathy, one can see a connection between a dysbiosis of the intestinal flora (Intestinal rehabilitation instructions), the acid-base balance or an acidosis and the immune system. Of course, there are no studies recognized by orthodox medicine, since BigPharma cannot apply for patents and a study would be far too expensive in relation to the financial yield.

The deacidification of the body has, I think, a special relation to the nail fungus. The nail fungus obviously does not like it alkaline but rather acidic. However, the overacidified body repeatedly excretes acids via the feet, because the feet are also called the third kidney. If you now deacidify the whole body (Article: deacidification of the body) the supply of acids will dry up and the nail fungus will only get bases from inside and outside.

Please leave a comment if you also have experience in this area. Do you want to share your experience with others? You can also write me write me so that I can publish your success story. Others need your experience, your confidence and hope.

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