Cure chronic diseases naturally

Can chronic diseases be cured?

I would say: Yes, you can cure chronic diseases natural. And some of them have already succeeded. You have to find a very good doctor who looks beyond his or her own nose and does not only offer treatments that are covered by the health insurance companies. Good doctors and non-medical practitioners must be able to talk patients into their consciences so that they can take responsibility for themselves.

Naturopathy guide

Personal responsibility sometimes also means informing oneself. E. g. by naturopathy councellors like this one by Inga M Richberg: Amazon*

You might find some clues here:

“Non-species nutrition”/posture & drug abuse

Many chronic illnesses have their origin in a “not species-appropriate” diet (high blood pressure, etc.) or in side effects/effects of drugs, which permanently stress the organism (and the intestinal flora). When I look at the animal kingdom like this, species-appropriate nutrition consists of much more raw food. It’s best not to let things get that far in the first place. However, if the child has fallen into the fountain, it should either be allowed to swim all the time (control of symptoms with chemicals such as cortisone, painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs) or taken out of the fountain. The latter requires individual therapy. As a pharmaceutical company, I wouldn’t finance studies that take the butter off my bread. Furthermore, how to measure the success of individual therapies to cope with chronic diseases? I can’t do that. But without studies, however, health insurance companies are not convinced of the healing opportunities and benefits. I’m not interested in terms such as homeopathy, vitality, vitalizing water, etc. I don’t care. Body chemistry must be right. Although millions of years worked in a certain way, they still work just as well today.

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